We’re a flock of hospitality freethinkers dedicated to dreaming up ways to spread high vibration hospitality.

Our inspiration is the humble master of balance - the Flamingo. From a one-legged repose, this social bird and guru of good vibes shares with us the path to living life on vacation~

Always show your true colors. Follow thou most tropical self, yet remember that life is better when we flock together. No matter which way the current flows, you shall then find balance.

Vacation is a mindset, not just a destination. Our hospitality projects are here to provide both. We welcome you to tune in, let go and join us. We’re here to create better lives through better leisure. 



Anderson Pugash


Anderson began his career in hospitality before he was old enough to enter a bar. At 20, he organized a fundraiser in honor of his recently passed father to raise money for charitable causes. Skilled in bringing people together, Anderson scaled the event to become “The San Francisco Social” a philanthropic group that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Bay Area charities. Anderson then founded one of the city’s largest independent promoters, Crossroads Nightlife Group, known for chartering Private 737s to Vegas for New Year’s Eve and throwing concerts and block parties for thousands of attendees. Post college, Anderson spent a few years running acquisitions for real estate development firm SIMEON while continuing to plan events. At 27, Anderson’s passion pulled him into hospitality full time. He co-founded Bergerac, a bar with an impromptu house party feel and Audio, a music-driven nightclub. He expanded with the opening of Palm House, a tropical restaurant with vacation drinks and The Dorian, a neighborhood supper club. In 2018, he launched PHH with his partner and co-founder Benson Wang.

Anderson was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Bay Area. He earned his B.S. from the Wharton School of Business. He is president and commissioner of the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority and a San Francisco Travel board member. Anderson is an avid seeker of leisure, constantly exploring and enjoying a diverse array of travel, epicurean, musical, athletic and spiritual endeavors.

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Benson Wang


Benson was born into a family of third generation restauranteurs and distillers. In his home, the typical salutation is “are you hungry?” Hospitality is in his blood and what he loves. As a child, Benson would sneak into the dining room and be mesmerized by the sights, sounds and unadulterated emotion around each table. He saw firsthand how food fostered community and connection. 

After earning his B.S. in Business Economics from UCLA, Benson worked for Moelis & Company in their investment banking and private equity group. He went on to join TPG Capital’s fundraising group where was responsible for the sales, marketing and business development of the platform.

In 2013, Benson left finance and returned to his roots by partnering with Anderson Pugash to open Palm House. A year later they opened The Dorian and then founded the parent company, PHH. As co-founder, Benson oversees day-to-day operations, recruitment, financial planning and reporting, purchasing, concept development and best business practices to deliver transportive leisure.

Benson is the events chair and a board member of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. In his free time, he loves biking, hiking, lighting up the grill and spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter and son. 

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